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Spiral Staircase Highlights Hendry Aluminum’s Craftsmanship

What do you do when you need a way to get from a third story balcony to your patio in a tight space? A spiral staircase, of course! But then, where do you get such a staircase? It’s not as if you can get on at a home improvement store. The answer is a custom metal fabricator like Hendry Aluminum. Hendry Aluminum recently built and installed an impressive custom spiral staircase, crafting the metal staircase in the shop, transporting it and then installing it on site.    

We started with a piece of sheet metal.


The plasma table and other machine shop tools helped the spiral staircase to take shape.


Then it was transported on a flatbed trailer.


Lastly, the stairs were installed on site.

Our Screen Enclosures Create an Outdoor Oasis

Florida has the best year-round weather of any state, but the bugs and other creepy-crawlies think so too! It’s no fun trying to enjoy the pool, the outdoor grill or an evening around the outdoor fireplace if you’re being eaten alive! Our screen enclosures keep out mosquitoes–including  those that carry the Zika virus–biting flies, no-see-ums, spiders, wasps and mud daubers, love bugs…and more! Our screen enclosures are so strong they can hold the weight of a full-grown man; nothing is getting in to your screen-enclosed area. If you love the outdoors, let our screen enclosures becomes your outdoor oasis!

Our Plasma Cutter Makes Custom Designs a Reality

Our plasma cutter table means we can make just about anything from aluminum sheets of varying thicknesses. From decorative designs to custom-made signs, the plasma cutter machine works with Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) to create a streamlined finished product. Create a sign for your business, decorative accents for your screen enclosure or whatever you need. We have an array of designs to choose from, or bring us your ideas and we can build your designs in-house.   Plasma-cut-aluminum-shells

Adding Florida Flair to Your Home and Screen Enclosure

front_entryway2   Living in The Sunshine State comes with some serious bragging rights. The weather is spectacular year-round, the beach is just a short drive away and the sunsets are beautiful. A Hendry Aluminum screen enclosure lets you enjoy the best of Florida, but it also allows you to pay homage to our beautiful state.

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Meet The Family

  • Tom Hendry has been plying his trade as an aluminum specialist for nearly 30 year’s. He began working as a contractor in 1987 and in 2005 Hendry Aluminum was incorporated. Tom Hendry Tom isn’t alone at the helm at this ship though. He is joined by his wife, Teresa, daughter Crystal, and son-in-law Tommy. Teresa Hendry
  • Teresa Hendry has been at Tom’s side doing the accounting and bookwork since the beginning. Crystal Stearns
  • Crystal Stearns loves working with her parents. She wears many hats around the office, always quick to pitch in where needed. Tommy Stearns
  • Tommy Stearns is Crystal’s husband and has been with the company since 2001. He is now the Operations Manager and runs a tight ship at Hendry Aluminum!

Contractor Licensed Service Areas:

  • Collier County
  • City of Naples
  • Marco Island
  • Lee County
  • City of Bonita Springs
  • City of Cape Coral
  • City of Fort Myers
  • Villages of Estero
  • Sanibel Island

Due to storm damage sustained by Hurricane Irma to our offices we are running behind on our normal customer service times