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The Nuts and Bolts of Your Screen Enclosure

Find out all the components of your screen enclosure, and what choices you’ll have to make when deciding on your own screen enclosure.

A screen enclosure is a complete structure made up of several different components, and it constitutes a complete addition to your home.  Explore the components that go into making a screen enclosure, and see what options you have for your own screen enclosure.

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Our 3-D CAD System Explained

See how our 3-D CAD System helps us to craft custom screen enclosures.

  At Hendry Aluminum, we pride ourselves on superior construction and craftsmanship in everything we do. Our customers can see our high level of workmanship, and the products and structures we construct outshine and outlast the competition’s. We can build where others have declined, and can take into consideration complicated building requirements, irregular rooflines, nonstandard lots, and more. One aspect that really helps is our 3-D CAD system. It’s one of our favorite tools! See it explained below.

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Top Ten Things to Know About the MegaView Screen Enclosure

Find out the top things to know about our MegaView screen enclosure.

At Hendry Aluminum, we know screen enclosures, and we’ve developed the MegaView Screen Enclosure to be the best in the business. If you’re comparing screen enclosures, make sure you know about the MegaView’s following top features.

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Reactions to Expect After Getting Your Hendry Aluminum Screen Enclosure

Know what reactions to expect after having a Hendry Aluminum screen enclosure installed.

Having a Hendry Aluminum screen enclosure installed on your home is an exciting prospect, but there are other reactions that you can expect as well. We’ve put together a few of the reactions our customers have experienced and then shared with us through their customer testimonials. Read them below.

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The Benefits of Home Fencing 

See all the advantages of home fencing around your property.

Whether you’re enclosing your home or your pool, fencing is an important feature. Hendry Aluminum provides both pool fences and perimeter fencing. Explore all the benefits of having fencing installed on your property. 

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