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Consider a Screen Enclosure This Gift-Giving Season

A screen enclosure is the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Gift-giving isn’t always easy, and many people worry as the holiday season approaches about finding that perfect gift for their significant other or other important person in their lives. This year, consider a screen enclosure. It’s the gift that will continue to be appreciated all year long, and for many years to come. Explore all the reasons why a screen enclosure is the perfect gift this holiday season.

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Getting Your Screen Enclosure Ready for the Holidays

Try these tips to make sure your screen enclosure is ready for the holidays.

Your screen enclosure is an extension of your home, so you want it looking its best over the holidays. You might use it to entertain, such as hosting a holiday party or having the family over for a holiday meal. Use our checklist below to ensure that your screen enclosure is ready and looking good for the holidays!

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Using Your Screen Enclosure in the Cooler Months

Explore ways to utilize your screen enclosure all year long

It may not get truly cold in Florida, but it certainly cools down in the fall and winter months. Your screen enclosure is an extension of your home, and it should be enjoyed year-round. Make sure you’ve got the ways and means to ensure you and your family can enjoy your screen enclosure during the cooler months. See options below.

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Golf News: Eagle Ridge Golf Club ReOpening

Explore golf news in Central Florida.

Golf is a great way to relax and unwind, and it’s also a great way to pass the time with a group of fellow golfers, meet new people, and have fun. November in Florida is prime golf time because the weather is so mild. Take a look at the golf news happening in November around Fort Myers.

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Guard Against Home Repair Scams After Irma

Avoid shady contractors in the wake of hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Natural disasters like Hurricane Irma can bring out the best in people, but they can also bring out the worst. You might have heard of price gouging going on during the first few days after the storm when resources were at a premium, such as charging exorbitant amounts for basic necessities like gas and water. Similar dishonest behaviors can also be seen in the construction industry, unfortunately, where unscrupulous individuals pose as bonafide experts. Homeowners looking to get repairs done cheaply can fall victim to fake construction companies and contractors who are neither licensed nor insured. Find tips below to ensure that you steer clear of unlicensed contractors in the wake of hurricane Irma and in the future.

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  • Collier County
  • City of Naples
  • Marco Island
  • Lee County
  • City of Bonita Springs
  • City of Cape Coral
  • City of Fort Myers
  • Villages of Estero
  • Sanibel Island

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