Meet Hendry Aluminum’s and MegaView Extrusions’ Sales Manager, Bob Bancroft, an integral part of our team!

They say a company is only as good as its employees, and this is certainly true at Hendry Aluminum and MegaView Extrusions. Thankfully, we have great employees who make our companies top-notch, and Bob Bancroft is a prime example! Learn about our Sales Manager below.

Bob Bancroft, Sales Manager

Bob has been with Hendry Aluminum since 2010, joining the team as a salesman. Before coming to work as a salesman, Bob was in the Florida agricultural industry for over 40 years. He took a brief time off to help out a fellow farmer before realizing it was too late: he already had aluminum in his veins!

He has the ability to talk with potential clients making sure they understand how our products are different than anyone else’s in our industry. He has a good understanding on the different types of products available and knows how to explain that to homeowners. He is detail oriented and caters to his client’s needs. No matter how big or small the project Bob will see you through it!

Contact us today if you’re ready for a MegaView screen enclosure for your home. Bob or one of our other knowledgeable employees will be out for a free estimate for you.