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A Look Through the Picture Window Screen Enclosure

See the Picture Window screen enclosure in action.

  A screen enclosure with a Picture Window is one of our more popular options for homes located near golf courses, lakefronts or beachfronts. It features a large opening installed in the center, offering homeowners with a breathtaking view of the landscape or waterfront.  Explore the details of the Picture Window screen enclosure below, complete with pictures.

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Hendry Aluminum Client Testimonial and Photos

Read a client testimonial and see the MegaView screen enclosure pictures to go with it.

A testimonial or client review is of the utmost value when trying to determine the quality and workmanship of a screen enclosure installation company. Read one client testimonial for a Hendry Aluminum-installed MegaView Screen enclosure that really highlights where we shine, along with photos to show off the expert workmanship.

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Explore Hendry Aluminum’s MegaView Mini Screen Enclosure

Discover all the MegaView Mini has to offer!

The MegaView Mini offers the features of a MegaView screen enclosure, but on a smaller scale. Once called the MegaView Lite, the MegaView Mini is the perfect screen enclosure for patios and smaller enclosure areas. Explore the features of a MegaView Mini below!

MegaView Mini Features

The MegaView Mini offers unobstructed panoramic views. They highlight your backyard golf course fairway, stretch of lakefront or swath of crystal sand beachfront without sacrificing the strong screen design.

The screen of a MegaView Mini is strong enough to stand on, but it will also repel golf balls and other small flying objects. It also keeps out mosquitos, biting flies and other insect pests, as well as unwelcome wildlife.

You’ll know your kids, grandkids and pets are save inside your screen enclosure, enjoying the Great Outdoors without all the pests and annoyances!

The MegaView Mini is available in white and bronze with an array of screen options. The styles available for you to choose from depend on a few factors. Your roofline, personal taste, and your budget are the primary factors involved in your screen design.

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The Many Attractions of the MegaView Screen Enclosure

Read about all the features that make the MegaView screen enclosure the best in the industry.

The MegaView screen enclosure is our signature enclosure, and there are many reasons why. Explore all the attractions of this premiere screen enclosure below, complete with photos.

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Screen Enclosure “Under Construction” Files

See what goes into installing a beautiful screen enclosure.

Constructing and installing screen enclosures is an involved process that requires experience and expertise. The process of installing a screen enclosure is as interesting as the final product is beautifully stunning. If you’d like a peek behind the scenes of the construction and installation of a screen enclosure, see below.

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