• "We're changing the way
    you view screen enclosures!"

  • "We're changing the way
    you view screen enclosures!"

  • "We're changing the way
    you view screen enclosures!"

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Can You Pass the Hendry Aluminum Pop Quiz?

Find out if your knowledge of Hendry Aluminum and our screen enclosures passes the test.

Hendry Aluminum is a aluminum construction company specializing in screen enclosures, pool fences, custom aluminum welding, and more. We take pride in our work with craftmanship at the core of all we do. Take our pop quiz and test your knowledge of Hendry Aluminum, it’s employees, and our products.

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Options for a Pool Fence

Hendry Aluminum can also install a pool fence in addition to, or instead of, a screen enclosure.

Hendry Aluminum doesn’t only install screen enclosures. Many customers prefer a pool fence over a screen enclosure, or even in addition to one. See your options for a pool fence below.

Pool Fence Options

A pool fence is a great option if you don’t want a screen enclosure because of space or expense constraints. A pool fence is also a good option if you want to keep your pool separate from the gathering spaces for safety in your screen enclosure.

Hendry Aluminum installs a variety of pool fences. Usually, height options are determined in part by laws and local ordinances concerning pool fences. See your options below:

  • Mechanical fence. A mechanical fence comes in white or bronze.
  • Welded fence. The color options—and even texture options—are numerous because a welded fence gets its coloring from powder coating. A welded fence can also include more decorative accents. It is also a stronger fence than a mechanical fence.
Contact us at Hendry Aluminum today if you are interested in a pool fence. We offer free estimates!

Resolutions for Your Home and Landscape

Find recommendations for resolutions your home and landscape in the New Year.

We make resolutions with the intent of bettering ourselves in the New Year, but we could make them for other areas of our lives as well.  We’ve put together some resolutions for your house and landscaping that will help improve your home’s curb appeal. Find them below.

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Ways to Enjoy Your Screen Enclosure in the New Year

Explore other options for utilizing your screen enclosure beyond swimming.

If you’re like most homeowners with a screen enclosure, you likely have a swimming pool in your screen enclosure, and it’s likely the main way you and your family spend time in your screen enclosure. However, there are many other options beyond laps and fun in the pool. Explore all the other options below, and try a few in the New Year.

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Options to Consider When Choosing a Screen Enclosure

Explore your options when choosing a screen enclosure.

  Our screen enclosures have a variety of options for you to choose. Our options are meant to fit any budget, taste, or desire. Review all of the options available to you and your family to customize your screen enclosure to fit your home, your décor, your needs, and your budget.

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Contractor Licensed Service Areas:

  • Collier County
  • City of Naples
  • Marco Island
  • Lee County
  • City of Bonita Springs
  • City of Cape Coral
  • City of Fort Myers
  • Villages of Estero
  • Sanibel Island

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