There are many upgrades available for different materials including gutters, anchors, screens, doors, and door locks:

Anchors Standard: Basic screws Upgrade: Nylo-tec;  Blue Taps

Nylo-tec screws come with a 10 year warranty against fading and corrosion. They are the only self drilling screws with glass reinforced nylon bi-hexagonal head.  They offer a cleaner more finished look on your pool enclosure.

Blue Tap screws also come with a 10 year warranty. These case hardened concrete screws & masonry anchors are made of carbon steel and have a ceramic coating that makes them wear resistant and corrosion free.

Screen: Standard: 18/14 screen Upgrade: 20/20 screen; super screen; pet screen; solar screen

20/20 screen is ideal for those residents living on the beach where no-see-ums are in high population. It also helps protects against gnats, sandflies, and any other tiny pests.

Super screen is stronger than basic 18/14 screen, has a vinyl coating, and a smaller mesh.   Pet screen is made 7 times stronger than basic screen and is ideal for homeowners who have pets.

Solar screen is screen that blocks heat and UV rays by 65% to 90% and comes in a variety of colors.

Doors Standard: Door with kick plate and handle Upgrade: Specialty door; welded door; oversized door

Door Locks Standard: Basic door with safety latch Upgrade: keyed lock Contact us today for a free quote.