A Look at Hendry Aluminum’s Screens

Explore the different screens that are used for Hendry Aluminum screen enclosures.

Screen enclosures are created with aluminum frames that hold the screens, but not all screens are created equal. At Hendry Aluminum, we utilize an array of different screen. See our screen options below.

Screen Enclosure Options

“The screen that is used on MegaView enclosures is a polyester thread with a PVC coating,” shared Bob Bancroft, Hendry Aluminum’s Sales Manager. “The screen comes in 138” wide rolls which make it better for the taller homes that are being built these days.  The screen is available in the standard hole size or the smaller “No-Seeum” screen hole size. The size of the hole in the screen is the same as the traditional fiberglass screen that has been used for many years in Florida,” he explained.

The difference in Hendry Aluminum’s screen is the size of the polyester threads, which gives the screens its strength. “The polyester threads are larger, so there is less threads per square inch than the fiberglass product.,” he shared.

The screens are stronger and more durable, shared Bancroft. “The strength of the screen is about three times stronger than fiberglass screen, and that is the reason we use it in the MegaView enclosures, in addition to the fact that it carries a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty as opposed to the fiberglass product warranty of one year,” he shared.

Once you are ready to start on a screen enclosure of your own, contact us at Hendry Aluminum for a free estimate.