Meet MegaView Extrusions ®

See what has been building at Hendry Aluminum: MegaView Extrusions ®!

We hit on something pretty amazing with our MegaView screen enclosure designs; everyone loves the perfect combination of form and function. What’s not to love? The beauty of our MegaView screen enclosures are second to none, and they are the strongest around. The MegaView design is so popular that we have created a whole new company—MegaView Extrusions ®—so that this superior product can be available nation-wide! Read details below.

The Construction of MegaView Extrusions ®

Customers from all over have been clamoring to have a MegaView screen enclosure installed, but Hendry Aluminum services a small slice of Florida. So, we started MegaView Extrusions ® to license other contractors to install our designs! Now, even if you live outside of Hendry Aluminum’s service area of South Florida, you can likely find a licensed contractor near you.

The quality of the MegaView ® screen enclosures is in the design, which stays the same no matter the installing contractor. Explore the MegaView Extrusions ® website here.

If you’d like more information on a MegaView screen enclosure installation for your home in South Florida, contact us at Hendry Aluminum today for a free estimate.