Meet The Family

  • Tom Hendry has been plying his trade as an aluminum specialist for nearly 30 year’s. He began working as a contractor in 1987 and in 2005 Hendry Aluminum was incorporated.
    Tom Hendry
    Tom isn’t alone at the helm at this ship though. He is joined by his wife, Teresa, daughter Crystal, and son-in-law Tommy.
    Teresa Hendry
  • Teresa Hendry has been at Tom’s side doing the accounting and bookwork since the beginning.
    Crystal Stearns
  • Crystal Stearns loves working with her parents. She wears many hats around the office, always quick to pitch in where needed.
    Tommy Stearns
  • Tommy Stearns is Crystal’s husband and has been with the company since 2001. He is now the Operations Manager and runs a tight ship at Hendry Aluminum!

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Pool Fences: Security & Style

Aluminum Pool Fence


Here in Florida, where summer lingers and water play is a popular pastime, pool safety is a serious issue. For the well-being of children and other individuals who could come to accidental harm at an unattended pool, Florida statutes do require pool owners to have at least one safety featured installed. Insurance companies often require safety features as well.
One acceptable protective measure is a barrier, and this can take the form of a screen enclosure or a fence. Hendry Aluminum Inc. offers a selection of styles of both enclosures and fences to help you ensure that your pool area is secure. Safety is the priority, but you need not sacrifice elegance and style. Give us a call to schedule an appointment to learn more about your options for pool safety design.


Aluminum Pool Fence

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Golf Course Homes – A Florida Dream


MegaView Screen Enclosure

It’s a Florida dream – living right on the golf course.

The beautiful, expertly manicured views, the prestige of a coveted neighborhood, and of course the easy access to a relaxing round of golf or afternoon at the clubhouse. Sunglasses, plaid shorts, and iced tea for days!

Of course we know it isn’t actually all sunshine and roses on the fairway. Hurricanes, birds and critters, and flying golf balls are all very really hazards in your dream home. But there is a way to protect your investment as well as your sanity. Whether it’s a swimming pool, a simple patio, or a classy lanai, Hendry Aluminum Inc. can custom design a screen enclosure that will protect your peace of mind from many common Florida hazards.

Give us a call today for an assessment. You’ll be glad you did.





Picture Window Screen Enclosure







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Enjoy the View with a WideView Screen Enclosure

When you are looking for a screen enclosure to protect your pool and patio, you want something that is going to be protective but without sacrificing the beautiful view outside. Our WideView is a terrific option. It has a nice, wide span between wall posts that preserves the picturesque beauty of the Florida landscape outside your home. Hey, you didn’t buy a pool home so that you could stare at metal beams! Have a WideView enclosure installed so you can enjoy the idyllic outdoors from the comfort of your pool or lanai.


WideView Screen Enclosure   Wide View Screen Enclosure

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MegaView Screen Enclosures Perfect Addition for Pool Homes

Florida scenes deserve Florida views. Our MegaView screen enclosures allow you to enjoy the perfect vistas that make the Sunshine State such a beautiful place to live. These designs minimize the use of obstructive supports and allow vast panoramic scenes. Perfect for homes located on golf courses, lakes, and beachfront properties, the safe and sturdy screen enclosures are made of a super durable fabric that will keep out not just mosquitos, but hail, birds, squirrels, even stray golf balls. Call today to schedule a consultation to discover the value a MegaView screen enclosure can add to your little piece of paradise.


Partial MegaView Screen Enclosures     Picture Window Screen Enclosure

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