A Look at Orchid Rooms

See what an orchid room is, and why you might want one!


Orchids are some of the most beautiful flowers in the worlds, and they are a Florida specialty. Many Florida residents enjoy growing these tropical beauties. So much so that we at Hendry Aluminum have built orchid rooms for clients for their flowering collections. See what orchid rooms are all about, and why you might consider one for your home, below.

Details of Orchid Rooms

Orchids thrive in warm, moist environments, and orchid rooms replicate that tropical environment that orchids crave. Hendry Aluminum has built several enclosures designed to grow orchids.

The rooms themselves are constructed with beams and purlins in a similar manner to our screen pool enclosures. The roofs of our orchid rooms are constructed of corrugated panels to create that warm, steamy greenhouse environment that allows orchids to thrive. Additionally, our orchid rooms are designed to offer protection to orchids and other delicate plants from harmful UV rays.

Think an orchid room is what the gardener in you needs? Contact us today for a free quote.