The Must-Haves for Your Screen Enclosure in the Fall

Screen EnclosureHaving a screen enclosure means you can every enjoy every season Florida offers. During the hot, wet summer season your screen enclosure protects from the inevitable bugs. Now that the weather will start to turn cooler, you’ll want to ensure that your screen area is well equipped for enjoying your screened backyard as much as possible during cooler weather.

Florida may not experience temperatures as cold as its northern neighbors, but the weather can turn cool at times. Make sure you can enjoy your outdoor screened areas no matter how low the temperatures dip.

Screen Enclosure Must-Haves

Enjoying your enclosure during cooler weathr means having items that add warmth to your outdoor spaces. There is a wide array of options to fit both your budget and the configuration of your outdoor areas. If you don’t have the following, considering making the investments that will pay off in enjoyment:

  • A pool heater. If your pool doesn’t have a heater yet, you’ll want to get one so you can enjoy your pool year-round and at all times of the day and night.
  • An open flame. Sitting around a fire is a cozy way to spend a chilly evening, and there are a lot of choices to fit your space. From an installed fire pit made out of cinder block or stone and fueled by natural gas or propane to a moveable chimnea or a metal fire pit, enjoying a fire is easier than getting out the makings for s’mores.
  • Portable heaters. Outdoor parties and get-togethers can extend into the cooler evening hours with portable heaters. Running on propane, outdoor heaters keep your screen enclosure warmed against the chill of the night.
  • Outdoor kitchen. Take your grilling to the next level with a complete outdoor kitchen in your screen enclosure. Let form meet function with a kitchen area that allows you to create culinary masterpieces outdoors.

Let Hendry Aluminum help you get the full potential out of your screen enclosure. We offer custom construction to meet your needs and budget. Call us today!