customer testimonials

A CAD System Testimonial

“Tom knows how to use the CAD system to remove the ambiguities.”

Our CAD system—which stands for Computer-Aided Design—is one way that we at Hendry Aluminum are able to get the precision and quality that we are known for. From our screen enclosures to our laser-created signs, the CAD system plays an important role. Read a testimonial from clients Jerry and Susan below about a project Hendry Aluminum completed, below. …

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A Picture Window Customer Testimony

See what a customer had to say about their newly installed Picture Window screen enclosure.

A screen enclosure with a Picture Window gives you a truly expansive view that will impress and amaze. Just ask Steve and Inez E. from Naples, FL, about their Picture Window screen enclosure they had installed by Hendry Aluminum. We believe there is no higher praise than that of a satisfied customer, and no better recommendation. See what they had to say below. …

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Words to Look for in Customer Testimonials

Words to Look for in Customer Testimonials

Businesses like Hendry Aluminum rely on word-of-mouth and customer testimonials to spread their businesses’ good reputations. For people looking for a recommendation, but who aren’t fortunate enough to have a family member, friend or neighbor who can relay all the good and bad aspects of a construction company or other service-oriented business, then customer testimonials are the one resource available to judge whether a company is reputable or not.

If you’re relying on customer testimonials to decide which company to hire to install your screen enclosure or to complete another home improvement project, then there are certain words you should look for in the testimonials. These words are the mark of a reputable company. Find a few of the words below. …

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