Wow Factor: The Two-Story MegaView Screen Enclosure

A two-story MegaView screen enclosure really delivers on the Wow Factor.

Houses come in all shapes and sizes, and Hendry Aluminum specializes in custom screen enclosures, meaning that we construct screen enclosures to fit every house. If a home requires a two-story MegaView screen enclosure, we are more than up to the task. Explore the details of one of our two-story MegaView screen enclosures below!

The Wow Factor of a Two-Story MegaView Screen Enclosure

Our two-story MegaView screen enclosure is nothing short of amazing. Spanning the height of two stories rather than the standard height of just one story, our two-story screen enclosure rises high above the others, creating a focal point that highlights your home.

With a two-story screen enclosure, you can enjoy surrounded second-story decks and balconies free of pests, just like on the ground floor of your screen enclosure. An aluminum spiral staircase—another one of our specialties—can get you from the top floor to the bottom floor in a quick minute, all without leaving the enclosure.

Interested in creating your own Wow Factor with a MegaView screen enclosure that spans two stories? Contact the professionals at Hendry Aluminum today for a free estimate!

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