Trust Repairs to Your Screen Enclosure to the Professionals

Now that the hurricane has passed, make sure you leave any repairs of damage—including to screen enclosures—to the professionals.

Hurricane Irma ravaged many parts of Florida, and the damage done to homes, businesses, and the state’s infrastructure will take time to be repaired. While it is only natural to want to pick up the pieces and repair damages as soon as possible, repairs should be left to the professionals, even to your screen enclosure. Explore why below.

Reasons to Leave Repairs to the Professionals

It Could Be Dangerous. Many homeowners do not have the knowledge needed to make repairs to their home caused by Hurricane Irma. Attempting to do so could be dangerous, and could result in injury or worse.
You Could Make Errors. Similarly, homeowners who don’t completely know what they are doing may well “fix” the damage incorrectly, either causing more damage and/or creating more problems in the future.
It Could Be Illegal. Depending upon the laws of your county or city, or even the rules of your homeowner’s association or home insurance, doing repairs yourself could land you in hot water.

Contact a license professional to do all your home repairs, even for those to your screen enclosure. If there’s any way Hendry Aluminum can help, don’t hesitate to contact us.