Our 3-D CAD System Explained

See how our 3-D CAD System helps us to craft custom screen enclosures.


At Hendry Aluminum, we pride ourselves on superior construction and craftsmanship in everything we do. Our customers can see our high level of workmanship, and the products and structures we construct outshine and outlast the competition’s. We can build where others have declined, and can take into consideration complicated building requirements, irregular rooflines, nonstandard lots, and more. One aspect that really helps is our 3-D CAD system. It’s one of our favorite tools! See it explained below.

Our 3-D CAD System

What a 3-D CAD system is: CAD stands for “computer assisted design,” meaning a CAD system is computer software that is used to create the designs and blueprints for your screen enclosure. The software is Solidworks System.

Wat a 3-D CAD system does: It created 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional, 2-D and 3-D respectively, design plan drawings that are used as a roadmap for constructing your custom screen enclosure. The drawings give detailed information, such as:

  • Length, width, & height of the screen enclosure.
  • Beam & column sizes of the screen enclosure.
  • Placement of doors & gutter in the screen enclosure.


If you’d like to see our 3-D CAD system in action for yourself with your own screen enclosure, contact us today to set up a free estimate for a new or replacement screen enclosure on your property.