The Nuts and Bolts of Your Screen Enclosure

Find out all the components of your screen enclosure, and what choices you’ll have to make when deciding on your own screen enclosure.

A screen enclosure is a complete structure made up of several different components, and it constitutes a complete addition to your home.  Explore the components that go into making a screen enclosure, and see what options you have for your own screen enclosure.

The Components of a Screen Enclosure

Every screen enclosure starts with a frame made of strong aluminum beams. Aluminum is lighter than other metals and won’t rust like steel. Screen enclosures are available in white or bronze

Next, your screen enclosure has screens. There are a variety of different options for screens. There are screens that block out the sun’s UV rays, screens that keep pets in, and screens that have such a fine mesh that it keeps out the smallest of bugs.

Lastly, your screen enclosure can have features like doors, spiral staircases, and more. We specialize in custom designs, so we can put doors and other features just about anywhere you desire.

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