Details of the Plasma Cutter at Hendry Aluminum

See what our plasma cutter is all about.

We have a lot of favorite tools at Hendry Aluminum, but one of our favorites is the plasma cutter. It’s part of our custom metal fabrication shop, and it does a lot of neat things. Explore the ins and outs of our plasma cutter below and see how it helps to make Hendry Aluminum the best in the business.

The Plasma Cutter Explained

A plasma cutter is an intricate tool. It utilizes an electric arc passed through a gas to turn the gas into the fourth state of matter, plasma. The plasma is forced through the nozzle’s constricted opening, which will cut metal seemingly with ease.

The CAD system is used to program the plasma cutter, and it can cut sheet metal in just about any configuration desired. The plasma cutter can make signs, decorations, parts, and materials. The abilities of the tool are limited only by the imagination.

The use of the plasma cutter means that we can incorporate just about any special design or decoration into our screen enclosures, entryways, gates, spiral staircases and more. Our motto when it comes to the plasma cutter is, “if they don’t make it, make it yourself.”

If you’re ready to start the process of your own screen enclosure or other project, contact us today at Hendry Aluminum for a free estimate.