Top Things to Know About the MegaView Mini Screen Enclosure

Explore the facts about Hendry Aluminum’s MegaView Mini.

At Hendry Aluminum, we have a variety of screen enclosure options for homeowners to choose from. Each screen enclosure has its own special features in addition to those features shared by all of our screen enclosures. Explore the details of MegaView Mini screen enclosure by finding out the top things to know about it below.

Top Features of the MegaView Mini

1. The MegaView Mini offers all the same benefits as the MegaView screen enclosure, but on a smaller scale.

2. The Mini is an enclosure solution designed for patios and smaller enclosure areas.

3. The MegaView Mini will still give homeowners unobstructed views of whatever is outside the enclosure: a golf course fairway, lakefront, or beachfront.

4. It also has a strong screen design to repel golf balls and other small flying objects.

5. It’s available in many different styles and two main colors – bronze and white.
When it comes to our screen enclosures, your roofline, personal taste, and your budget are always the primary factors involved in your screen design.

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