Important Things to Know About the Partial MegaView

See the important things to know about the Partial Megaview.

We offer an array of options when it comes to screen enclosures at Hendry Aluminum. The Partial MegaView is third in our lineup of screen enclosures. Below, explore all of the top things to know about the Partial Megaview.

Important Facts About the Partial MegaView

  1. The side walls are done in the WideView design and the entire front wall is built with structural beams and posts.
  2. Customers often choose the Partial MegaView option as an economical alternative to the other MegaView enclosures.
  3. The Partial MegaView is an option for irregularly-shaped lots that need to accommodate a smaller or narrower screen enclosure.

No matter your needs, desires, or budget, we have a screen enclosure option for you. Contact the professionals at Hendry Aluminum for a free quote!