A Look at Pools, Part 2: Pool Materials

See all the materials a pool can be made of.

A Hendry Aluminum screen enclosure is perfect for those families who like to be outside, and having a pool in the screen enclosure ensures bugs and other pests will be kept away. If you’re considering a pool, you have a handful of choices when it comes to the materials the pool can be made from. Read about some of your pool material options below.

Options for the Materials a Pool is Made

Concrete. Concrete used to be the go-to material for an in-ground pool. It is still a must for most custom-shaped pools, or pools that require slopes, like a zero-entry/beach-entry pool.

Fiberglass. A fiberglass pool is manufactured as one large piece, looking like a huge bathtub, and delivered ready to install. It’s fast to install, requires less maintenance and lasts a long time.  However, fiberglass pools are limited in the shapes they come in.

Vinyl-Liner. A vinyl-liner pool is made with multiple paneled walls that are put together on-site upon a concrete foundation.  It’s the most cost-effective option, comes in custom shapes and is durable.

Hendry Aluminum is a leader in screen enclosures, and we work with many pool installation companies. If you’re ready to take your backyard to the next level, contact us for a free estimate.