A Look at Pools, Part 1: Choosing Your Dream Pool in Your Screen Enclosure

Choose the perfect pool to meet your needs.

A Hendry Aluminum screen enclosure is a great addition to your home, and having a pool within that screen enclosure makes it even better. If you’re considering a pool, make sure you get one that will suit you and your family’s needs. Read about some of your options below.

Pool Options

Standard Inground Pool. These pools typically feature a shallow end that drops to a deep end at the opposite side. This allows for different swimming abilities. Oftentimes, these pools are paired with spas or hot tub.

Infinity Pool. An infinity pool is no different from a standard inground pool, except one end has a hidden lip, which makes it appear as if the pool’s water is pouring into a lake or ocean, or off an edge. Conversely, an infinity pool may appear to be draining into a hot tub or vice versa.

Lap Pool. If you’re wanting a pool for swimming laps, and you dread the thought of cleaning an entire pool or you’re tight on space, a lap pool offers a long, thin rectangular pool for one person to comfortably do laps.

Exercise Pool. Based on the same idea as the lap pool—a pool for fitness—an exercise pool includes water jets that push the water in one direction, and you swim or walk against the current.

Plunge Pool. These ultra-small pools are meant to stay cold, and you can take a refreshing plunge when you want to cool off or feel invigorated. Many of the top minds in business swear by plunge pools that are kept around a chilly 57 degrees.

Spools. Another pool with a small physical footprint, a spool is a pool and a spa combined. Without heated water, they serve as small swimming pools, but heat up the water and they are large hot tubs.

Zero-Entry Pools. Also called beach entry pools, one end or section of these pools provides a sloped entry into the pool, rather than steps. These pools are supposed to mimic the gradually depth of the ocean at the water’s edge.


Hendry Aluminum is a leader in screen enclosures, and we work with many pool installation companies. If you’re ready to take your backyard to the next level, contact us for a free estimate.