A Look Through the Picture Window Screen Enclosure

See the Picture Window screen enclosure in action.


A screen enclosure with a Picture Window is one of our more popular options for homes located near golf courses, lakefronts or beachfronts. It features a large opening installed in the center, offering homeowners with a breathtaking view of the landscape or waterfront.  Explore the details of the Picture Window screen enclosure below, complete with pictures.

Details of the Picture Window Screen Enclosure

A Picture Window can be installed on an existing enclosure, or it can be included in the construction of a new screen enclosure. Picture Window enclosures are designed without cables in the portion of the screen enclosure that is labeled as the “Picture Window.” The screen enclosure complies with all local building codes.

If you’re worried about golf balls, small flying objects or critters, rest assured the Picture Window enclosure is designed with the same high-strength screen materials as the MegaView screen enclosures, allowing all Hendry Aluminum screen enclosures to withstand a wide variety of natural and man-made projectiles.

Another attraction of the Picture Window screen enclosure is it allows you to maximize your view on a budget. All enclosures are available in many different styles and two main colors – bronze and white. Your roofline, personal taste, and your budget are the primary factors involved in your screen design.

If you’re ready to examine your options for a screen enclosure, contact the professionals at Hendry Aluminum.