Basics of an Outdoor Kitchen in Your Screen Enclosure

Explore the basic requirements of an outdoor kitchen.

Thinking of adding an outdoor kitchen as part of the features of your screen enclosure? Just as a screen enclosure expands the living space of your home, an outdoor kitchen makes that outdoor living space more useful. Having an outdoor kitchen means get-togethers, parties and barbecues don’t have to be divided between the outdoor space of the screen enclosure and the house’s kitchen. Make sure your outdoor kitchen has the bare minimum requirements, and then you can add upgrades and special features as your space and budget permit.

Outdoor Kitchen Necessities

An outdoor kitchen should be as close to functioning like your regular kitchen as possible. Make sure these items are on your list of “must haves” for your outdoor kitchen:

  • A cooking apparatus. The main purpose of your outdoor kitchen is to cook food, so you’ll need some appliance or feature to get this done. This could simply be your grill, but many outdoor kitchens have a stove range and an oven.
  • A water source. You’ll need water for all the same reasons you need it in the big house kitchen, except maybe washing dishes. Most outdoor kitchens feature a basic sink with plumbed-in water.
  • A refrigerator. Keeping food cool until it’s time to be prepared is important, so a fridge is a must. It can also keep beverages cold too. You’ll want at least a mini fridge for your outdoor kitchen.
  • Work space. You’ll want counter-top space to prep food and hold dishes.
  • You will also need storage space like cabinets to hold the dishes, cutlery and other kitchen accoutrement that stay outside.
  • Seating is always welcome, and guests at a party will naturally congregate around an outdoor kitchen, so providing seating is a must. A stool and bar counter setup is popular.
  • You’ll want to use your outdoor kitchen during the evening hours too, so lighting will be necessary as well.

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