Meet the Hendry Aluminum Teams Behind the Scenes: Prefab, Welding and Fab/Installation

The Hendry Aluminum team members is made up of President and Owner, Tom Hendry; his wife, Treasurer and Accounts Manager Teresa Hendry; their daughter, Office Manager Crystal Stearns; and her husband, Operations Manager Tommy Stearns. Last blog we shared the people of our sales and design teams as part of the many other people who work hard every day to make Hendry Aluminum a success. Meet a few more members of our staff below, namely the prefabrication team, our welders and the fabrication/installation crew.

Prefabrication Professionals

These professionals cut the materials and assemble the enclosures. It takes a great deal of skill and confidence to read both the design print and a tape measure, and then accurately use the tools prep the enclosure for the installation crew.



Besides being two of the funniest guys we have on our staff, they are also very handy with their welding torches. These are responsible for all of our weld work.

They have made so many impressive things while working with Hendry Aluminum, Inc. We also have another member of our weld team, Tom Hendry! Visit our custom welding page to see all of the structures and other items made by these gentlemen.

Fabrication/ Installation

Our talented team of craftsman fabricate and install the completed pool enclosures, and have been for years! They complete the last steps of the quality products that Hendry Aluminum is known for.

If you’re ready to discuss a screen enclosure for your home, contact us at Hendry Aluminum for a free estimate.