Choosing a Natural Stone Decking for Your Screen Enclosure’s Pool

Once you’ve decided upon a screen enclosure design and the features you will include, it’s time to turn your attention to the material you’ll use for the deck surface. Natural stone decking materials are usually best, and there are many different options to choose from. The best choice of natural stone decking materials for your screen enclosure will be determined by your house’s color and design, your preferences and your budget. Take a look at the natural stone decking options available to you.

Natural Stone Decking Options

Travertine is an excellent and sophisticated choice for pool decks. Available in light ivories to golds and browns, the stone is slip-resistant even when wet. It also has a tried-and-tested reputation for being strong and durable.

Flagstone is another durable stone option. A variety of stones are labeled as flagstone. They are typically very slip-resistant and heat resistant. Flagstone is available in an array of earthy tones, and it has a very natural look.

Slate is a form of flagstone that ranges in color from very dark gray to brown. It can typically include undertones of green, blue and red to match a variety of home color schemes. It’s durable and long-lasting with a mature look.

Bluestone is yet another variety of flagstone. True to its name, it is usually a gray-blue in color, Bluestone is durable, low-slip and resists water. It offers a combination of natural and sophisticated looks.

Limestone is a popular material that many use for a natural stone decking. Limestone is durable and able to withstand harsh weather. It is versatile and available in a variety of warm, earthy colors from gray and blue to tan, brown and pink. It offers a sophisticated look in any screen enclosure.

Sandstone is made of quartz grains, creating an even color tone. Most commonly available in light brown or red, sandstone is durable. It creates a clean, refined look.

Granite is among the hardest natural stone decking materials, making it ideal for pools in screen enclosures. Available in a variety of natural colors, it creates an elegant look.

Coral stone is made from shells, coral, sand and limestone, and is available in whites to tans. Also called keystone and coralina fossil stone, it’s naturally strong. It’s non-slip, repels heat and creates a sophisticated and natural look.

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