Choosing The Right Screen Enclosure 

Once you’ve decided that you want a screen enclosure to enhance the beauty, value and livable space of your home, the next step is to decide which of the three screen enclosures that we offer will be the best for your home. When choosing the right screen enclosure, the three main factors that determine which screen enclosure will work best for you and your home are your house’s roofline, your personal preferences and your budget. Take a look below at the three main screen enclosures we offer, and all their features. 

Screen Enclosure Types

MegaView Screen Enclosures: Hendry Aluminum’s signature enclosure, the MegaView offers a clear view that is designed to be both safe and strong.  The MegaView screen enclosure is very popular in homes on a golf course, lakefront or beachfront.  The show-stopping view compromising neither the safety nor the security of your screen enclosure.

The MegaView enclosure is super strong. Made from a space-age fabric, the screen stands up to hail, golf balls, animals, and more. The screen is so strong you can actually stand on it, and we have the pictures to prove it! MegaView enclosures offer safety, security, less pool maintenance, and increased pest control.

MegaView Lite: MegaView Lite is an enclosure solution we offer for patios and  smaller areas. The MegaView Lite features all the benefits as the MegaView enclosure, but on a smaller scale.  You can have the unobstructed views of  the golf course greens, lake or beach without compromising the strong screen design that wards off golf balls, insects and more.

Partial Megaview: The side walls are built using the WideView design, and the front wall is built with structural beams and posts. Customers looking for an economical alternative to the MegaView enclosures often choose the Partial MegaView option.

Let us show you all the screen enclosure options for your home and budget. We offer free estimates, so contact us today.