Screen Enclosure Features With True WOW Factor

Your screen enclosure has many functions. It works as an outdoor room, essentially extending the square footage of your home. Your screen enclosure is another place to play, read, gather, eat and enjoy the outdoors. It can also work as a special feature in your home that delivers a real WOW factor. If that’s what you’re looking for, then make sure your screen enclosure includes at least one of the below features.

Truly Amazing Features for Your Screen Enclosure

Your screen enclosure can fulfill a large number of functions. You likely have a pool and a hot tub, a grill and speakers to play some music. If you’re looking for features to take your screen enclosure to the next level, try one of the below.

  • A Waterfall. A waterfall feature that spills into your pool or spa area has immediate impact. Up the WOW factor by having the entire pool, hot tub and waterfall area done in the same natural stone to create a grotto or lagoon feel. Plants and dramatic lighting will complete the look.
  • An Outdoor Kitchen. Your grill is a start, but you’ll want to give it a dedicated stone stand with storage underneath, plumb in water for a sink, install a fridge, and add a charcoal barbecue and smoker section. Increase the grandeur with a stove, wine cooler and more.
  • A Movie Theater. If you’ve ever thought of adding a television to your screen room—maybe you already have—consider upgrading to a complete movie theater setup. This includes a television or screen large enough to view while floating in the pool or relaxing in the spa, a state of the art surround system and comfortable seating.
  • Statues and Gardens. If you’re looking for something with the feel of a museum in your own screen enclosure, then look to impressive flower gardens featuring statues and sculptures to fit your tastes and your home.
  • A Play Area. If you’ve got children or grandchildren, creating a special place just for them in the screen enclosure will be beneficial. They’ll able to play without the nuisance and danger of bugs and other pests, and you’ll rest easy knowing they are secure.

If you’re thinking of a screen enclosure for your home, contact Hendry Aluminum today for a free estimate.