The Coolest Items to Have in Your Outdoor Kitchen

We’ve discussed the basic items that you must have in your screen enclosure in order to call your outdoor cooking space an “outdoor kitchen.” After you’ve got a cooking source—a stove or grill—a sink, fridge, storage and counter space, it’s time to turn to those appliances and features that will make your outdoor kitchen nothing short of amazing. Consider the below features to make your outdoor kitchen truly drool-worthy.

Awesome Must-Haves for the Best Outdoor Kitchens

Choosing an outdoor kitchen is a great way to capitalize on the investment of your screen enclosure. An outdoor kitchen really expands the usable space of your home. You’re bound to spend a lot of time in your outdoor kitchen because of its high functionality. The following items will really increase the functionality and coolness factor in your outdoor kitchen. Choose whichever features will best suit your needs and budget:

  • Both gas and charcoal cooking. Most grills are one or the other, so having both is a treat. Whether you get a grill that can cook with both propane and charcoal, or they are separate pieces, it’s sure to expand the flavors coming out of your outdoor kitchen.
  • A smoker makes meats that are beyond delectable, and it’s definitely something you can’t replicate indoors/
  • Brick pizza oven. The ability to have fresh, artisan pizza hot out of a wood-burning brick oven will make you the neighborhood hero.
  • Stove and oven. A grill is a good start, but having a burner or two, an oven and a broiler really expands your cooking capabilities.
  • Wine chiller. Being able to keep entire bottles of wine chilled, is well, cool.
  • You won’t have to worry about taking dirty dishes into the house to be cleaned.
  • Range and fans. All this cooking, grilling and smoking creates—you guessed it—smoke. A professional range and fans are a must to clear the air around your outdoor kitchen.

When you’re ready to discuss your screen enclosure with an outdoor kitchen, contact the professionals at Hendry Aluminum for a free estimate.