Screen Enclosure “Under Construction” Files

See what goes into installing a beautiful screen enclosure.

Constructing and installing screen enclosures is an involved process that requires experience and expertise. The process of installing a screen enclosure is as interesting as the final product is beautifully stunning. If you’d like a peek behind the scenes of the construction and installation of a screen enclosure, see below.

Screen Enclosure Under Construction

We start with the frame, beginning with the walls, seen in the picture below. A MegaView screen enclosure will really put this serene view on display.



After the walls are installed, they’re ready to do support duty. The frame for the screen enclosure’s roof goes up, and then screen can be installed, as seen in the pictures below.











Two Stories

This screen enclosure spans two stories, so there are a lot of scaffolding pieces and ladders that are required to get the crew up to where the screen enclosure roof’s frame is located. You can see them in the photos below.













End Result

Finally, the end result is a gorgeous screen room that delivers safety and security, and a stunning view, a the picture show below.




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