Designing Your Ultimate Screen Enclosure

Your home is your castle, so you should be able to have it just the way you want it. When you decide to install a screen enclosure on your property, you’re investing in expanding the living space of your home. You want to ensure that your screen enclosure includes all the elements that will make your screen enclosure your favorite “space” in the house. Choose from popular features below.

Features to Include in Your Screen Enclosure

With a custom screen enclosure like the ones Hendry Aluminum installs, you can choose from an array of features. Once you’ve decided on the features you want incorporated into your new outdoor space, we design your screen enclosure around your choices, your home and your budget.

Make sure to consider:

• A pool. One of the most common features in screen enclosures, a pool is a family favorite and a great way to beat the Florida summertime heat. Infinity pools can incorporate waterways outside your screened enclosure to make it look connected.

• A spa or hot tub. The perfect addition to a pool, a hot tub spa is perfect for when the weather turns a little cooler.

• Outdoor kitchen. You can go as simple or elaborate as you’d like. Make sure you have a space for a grill at the least.

• Fire pit area. Few things bring a family or party together like gathering around a fire. You can choose from a dedicated fire pit fueled by gas to something mobile.

• Seating and dining. You and your guests will need places to sit in your outdoor space. Make sure to have a variety of seating.

• Entertainment area. Your screen enclosure is a great venue for watching a game or a movie. Adding an entertainment center with television and speakers will take your space to a whole new level.

The sky is the limit when it comes to designing your screened enclosure. Let one of our staff members go over your options with you today.