Getting Your Screen Enclosure Ready for the Holidays

Try these tips to make sure your screen enclosure is ready for the holidays.

Your screen enclosure is an extension of your home, so you want it looking its best over the holidays. You might use it to entertain, such as hosting a holiday party or having the family over for a holiday meal. Use our checklist below to ensure that your screen enclosure is ready and looking good for the holidays!

Checklist to Get Your Screen Enclosure Holiday-Ready

You make sure the interior of your home is clean and ready to go for the holidays. Don’t forget your screen enclosure. Oftentimes, Florida weather is warm enough at the end of the year that you can utilize your screen enclosure, so make sure it’s spic and span and decorated. Try our checklist below.

  1. Complete “Fall Cleaning.” Six months after spring cleaning is time for fall cleaning. Hiring a cleaning crew to clean your screens, walls, and floors to remove dirt, debris, and staining is a good way to ensure your screen enclosure is spic and span.
  2. Have Repairs Done. Hire a reputable screen repair company to repair any rips, dents, or other needed repairs.
  3. Pool and Spa Cleaning. If your screen enclosure includes a pool and/or spa, or some other water feature, have those professionally cleaned.
  4. Don’t save your holiday decorating just for inside the home. Add wreaths, lights, swags, and more to your screen enclosure.

If you’re looking to upgrade your screen enclosure, or want to look into building a screen enclosure onto your home. Contact us at Hendry Aluminum today for a free quote.