Home Improvement Tasks to Leave to the Professionals

Many homeowners get real satisfaction out of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home improvement projects, but there are some tasks that are best left to the professionals. While you may enjoy the savings of DIY home improvement or the pride and bragging rights of knowing you did it yourself, so tasks must be done by those trained and licensed to do so. Trying these DIY projects yourself could result in a laundry list of calamity that could include fire, electrocution, damage to your home, voiding manufacturers’ warranties, violating your homeowner’s insurance policy, attracting the attention of your area’s code enforcement department, fines and more!

Find out which home improvement projects you should call in a professional for below. 

Home Improvement Projects NOT to DIY

Electrical. There’s a reason why electricians must take the time to earn a license to become an electrician: the consequences for a job done incorrectly are severe. You could be electrocuted, you could cause a house fire somewhere down the road, you could fry your home’s electrical wires and electronics and more. Call in a licensed electrician for home improvement jobs including electricity.

Plumbing. While there are many jokes about the few things you need to know to be a plumber, the truth of the matter is it’s much more complicated. There are many codes about plumbing: where it can go, what size the pipe needs to be, etc. Call a licensed plumber for these projects.

Working With Gas Lines. If your installation requires a gas line—stove, hot water heater, etc.—you should leave it to the professionals. The risks of leaks are too great. Call your gas provider to see if they offer hook-up services. Installing new gas lines is a definite job for a professional.

HVAC. Servicing or installing Heating, Ventilation or Air Conditioning systems or appliances (HVAC) is often required by local law due to the dangers and permits needed to handle some of the materials. The danger of fire, carbon monoxide poisoning and more are too serious to DIY.

Large Additions and Renovations. Any home improvement project that requires pulling permits—such as installing a screen enclosure—should be left to professionals.

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