A Look at Pools, Part 3: Pool Shapes

Choose the best pool shape for your home.

A Hendry Aluminum screen enclosure is a sure bet for families who enjoy being outdoors, and having a pool in the screen enclosure ensures that your pool space remains free of pests and problems. If you’re thinking of adding a pool and screen enclosure to your home, you have a few choices when it comes to the shape of your pool. Read about pool shapes to choose from.

Options for the Shape of Your Pool

Rectangle. One of the most popular pool shapes, the symmetry of the shape means it’s easy to denote a shallow and a deep end. It also fits well alongside the straight lines and corners of a house.

Circular or Oval. Another popular shape.

Kidney. A kidney-shaped pool holds a certain attraction. Its rounded edges offer a contrast to the parallel lines of a home.

L-Shaped. An L-shaped pool offers to sections, generally of different depths or purposes.

Free Form. A free form pool can have any shape, and they usually incorporate other elements that play up the unique nature or the pool. These pools might include waterfalls, a grotto, or other features that increase the WOW factor of the pool.

Hendry Aluminum is a leader in screen enclosures, and we work with many pool installation companies. If you’re ready to take your backyard to the next level, contact us for a free estimate.