Reactions to Expect After Getting Your Hendry Aluminum Screen Enclosure

Know what reactions to expect after having a Hendry Aluminum screen enclosure installed.

Having a Hendry Aluminum screen enclosure installed on your home is an exciting prospect, but there are other reactions that you can expect as well. We’ve put together a few of the reactions our customers have experienced and then shared with us through their customer testimonials. Read them below.

Reactions to Expect

Your family, friends, and visitors will have a range of reactions concerning your new screen enclosure. Reactions could include:

Awe: Your visitors will be duly impressed with your new screen enclosure. “Everyone who has seen it is amazed that the “picture window” design makes the screen almost invisible, which opens up the view of our beautiful back yard.”

-Steve & Inez E.

Enjoyment: Your family, friends, and neighbors will all certainly help you to enjoy the perks of your new screen enclosure. “Our grandkids land tomorrow morning, and we are now really set for them and can truly enjoy their stay. Again, many thanks for all you did to create a wonderful environment in our backyard and we wish you much success in all of your future projects and endeavors!”

-Chet Nielson

Emulation: Your neighbors won’t just be awed, they’ll be so impressed they’ll want screen enclosures for their own homes. “The quality is so good that our next-door neighbor replaced his screen enclosure using Hendry Aluminum after seeing our new screen enclosure.

– Steve & Inez E.

When you are ready to add a beautiful screen enclosure to your property, contact the professionals at Hendry Aluminum for a free estimate.