The Benefits of Home Fencing 

See all the advantages of home fencing around your property.

Whether you’re enclosing your home or your pool, fencing is an important feature. Hendry Aluminum provides both pool fences and perimeter fencing. Explore all the benefits of having fencing installed on your property. 

Home Fencing Benefits 

Fencing offers a plethora of advantages for homeowners. The benefits of pool fencing and/or home fence include: 

  • Water safety. Whether your fencing is around your pool or between your home and a pond, river, beachfront or other waterway, a fence creates a safety barrier that protects your family members and your guests. 
  • Keeping pets and kids in. Fencing creates a secure barrier that keeps kids and pets from leaving the safety of the yard. 
  • Keeping other animals out. Whether its stray pets or any one of Florida’s many wild fauna, fencing keeps animals that are not yours outside of your property. 
  • Improves your property’s values. Fencing adds value to your property. 


Contact the professionals at Hendry Aluminum if you’d like to explore the benefits of fencing at your home. We’ll come out and give you a free estimate.