See the leading reasons our customers give for loving their screen enclosure from Hendry Aluminum.

You’ll know it if you have a neighbor with a Hendry Aluminum screen enclosure because they won’t be able to stop raving about how great it is. We don’t have to toot our own horn because our customers do all of that for us. See the top reasons our customers give for loving our screen enclosures below, in their own words.

Reasons Customers Love Hendry Aluminum Screen Enclosures

Advanced Design: “The “picture window” design makes the screen almost invisible, which opens up the view of our beautiful back yard.” – Steve & Inez E. Our Professionalism: “The entire Hendry team did an outstanding job and was a true pleasure to deal with.” – Dave D. Superior Workmanship: “The entire process was efficient, and the workmanship was excellent.” – Rob Bennett Safety and Security. “Sitting in the pool inside the enclosure we feel protected, yet have an expansive view in three directions…It is said that I could walk on the screen. I choose not to, but it is refreshing to know that it is strong enough that I could.” – Douglas B. Quelch If you’d like to find out what all the buzz is about for yourself, contact us today for a free quote for a Hendry Aluminum screen enclosure that you’ll love too.