The Superiority of Hendry Aluminum Screen Enclosures Over Others

Our screen enclosures have a plethora of advantages over others.


There are many screen enclosures out there, but none can compare to Hendry Aluminum screen enclosures. From our MegaView screen enclosure to our Megaview Mini, and from the Partial Megaview to the Wideview, our screen enclosures are a cut above. See just a few ways below in which how below.

Advantages of Hendry Aluminum Screen Enclosures

There are many ways in which Hendry Aluminum screen enclosures are superior to other screen enclosures. The most significant difference is the view afforded by our screen enclosures. Each of our enclosures offers a wider space between posts than standard enclosures, meaning fewer metal supports in the way of your view.


Hendry Aluminum screen enclosures are also custom-made from designs made utilizing 3-D Computer Aided Design, or CAD. They can be custom-fit to suit your home, your lot, and your budget.


Our screen enclosures also offer a great deal of customization, such as a variety of screens, colors, and doors to allow the enclosure to best fit your needs.


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