Resolutions for Your Home and Landscape

Find recommendations for resolutions your home and landscape in the New Year.

We make resolutions with the intent of bettering ourselves in the New Year, but we could make them for other areas of our lives as well.  We’ve put together some resolutions for your house and landscaping that will help improve your home’s curb appeal. Find them below.

Resolutions for Your Home and Landscaping


Help your home’s curb appeal to be its best with the following steps:

  1. Have any necessary repairs completed.
  2. Hire someone to pressure-wash your home’s siding, driveway and walkways, porticos, and more.
  3. Have any needed painting or staining completed.
  4. Hire a landscaper to remove dead foliage, clear fallen leaves, add new mulch, and plant new flowers. Focus on native plants for an eco-friendly landscape.
  5. Have an arborist assess any trees on your property, and follow through with recommendations.
  6. Hire someone to perform a deep cleaning and check-up of your pool and its components.
  7. Look into getting a screen enclosure to extend the usable square footage of your home.

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