Try These Decorative Additions to Enhance Your Home

You want your home to look as good as possible, and like with most things, it’s the details that make all the difference. If you’re looking for ways to improve the look of your home, consider these decorative additions.

  1. Front Entryway Upgrades. Improve your home’s curb appeal with a covered metal entryway, decorative metal doors, railings, lattices and decorative scrollwork. You can also enclose an entryway with screening to create a screen enclosure for a bug-free entryway.
  2. Window Treatments. Windows really pop when they are surrounded by decorative additions like louvered shutters, decorative lattices and even mantels. Another decorative option that also adds safety and security are metal window guards.
  3. Gable and Dormer Decorations. Gable and dormer decorations add detail to the peaks of your home, whether over a window or a wall. The design choices are extensive, and there’s something to match the style of any home.
  4. Exterior Mantels. A mantel over a window, doorway or even a garage door adds a high-end look to your home’s exterior.
  5. Utility Vents and Windows. Sprucing up the utility vents and other ventilation points in your home makes your home’s exterior look polished and refined.
  6. Screen enclosures. Making your pool and/or back patio part of your home with a screen enclosure adds instant presence to your home’s exterior, in addition to effectively increasing the living space of your home.
  7. Fences and Gates. Increase the security and safety of your home along with its curb appeal. Metal fencing is strong, lasts a long time and is easy to clean. Gates can be both functional and decorative, echoing design elements from your home or reflecting your hobbies and favorite past times.
  8. Spiral Staircases. Spiral staircases add interest and functionality, especially where the shape of the lot your home is on puts space at a premium.

Hendry Aluminum offers custom metalworking and specialty products alongside our screen enclosures, and we can add just about any decorative addition to your home that you’d like. Contact us for a free estimate today!