Screen Enclosure Maintenance

If you have a screen enclosure, you may wonder about screen enclosure maintenance. Obviously, you want your screen enclosure to look nice and well-kept at all times, especially if you have an impressive MegaView screen enclosure, a WideView screen enclosure or another custom screen enclosure installed by Hendry Aluminum. Find our recommendations for screen enclosure maintenance below.

Tips for Screen Enclosure Maintenance

All in all, our best tip for screen enclosure maintenance is to find a reliable company that cleans and maintains screen enclosures. Have them come out once or twice a year to professionally clean your screen enclosure, or as many times as needed, and to take care of any issues. You can also call them if any problems arise that require immediate attention. Such services have the equipment, the know-how and the insurance to do the job safely and correctly.


For those instances where you don’t want to hire a professional maintenance company, the following are tips from around the Internet for cleaning or maintaining a screen enclosure:


  • Clean your screen with mild soap and water, such as a dish detergent.
  • Have small issues, like small holes or rips, fixed before they turn into big issues.
  • Avoid using bleach or other harsh chemicals that can compromise the aluminum or discolor the paint.
  • Problems with birds can be addressed with statues of birds of prey like hawks or Great Horned Owls, or with motion-sensor sprinklers.

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