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How We Design Our Screen Enclosures

Explore the basics of how we design all of our screen enclosures.

A great deal of design goes into our custom screen enclosures, and you may have questions about how we design our enclosures. Since we don’t construct one-size-fits-all screen enclosures, each of our screen enclosures must be designed individually. See the basic steps of how we at Hendry Aluminum design an enclosure.

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Details of the Plasma Cutter at Hendry Aluminum

See what our plasma cutter is all about.

We have a lot of favorite tools at Hendry Aluminum, but one of our favorites is the plasma cutter. It’s part of our custom metal fabrication shop, and it does a lot of neat things. Explore the ins and outs of our plasma cutter below and see how it helps to make Hendry Aluminum the best in the business.

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Our 3-D CAD System Explained

See how our 3-D CAD System helps us to craft custom screen enclosures.

  At Hendry Aluminum, we pride ourselves on superior construction and craftsmanship in everything we do. Our customers can see our high level of workmanship, and the products and structures we construct outshine and outlast the competition’s. We can build where others have declined, and can take into consideration complicated building requirements, irregular rooflines, nonstandard lots, and more. One aspect that really helps is our 3-D CAD system. It’s one of our favorite tools! See it explained below.

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A CAD System Testimonial

“Tom knows how to use the CAD system to remove the ambiguities.”

Our CAD system—which stands for Computer-Aided Design—is one way that we at Hendry Aluminum are able to get the precision and quality that we are known for. From our screen enclosures to our laser-created signs, the CAD system plays an important role. Read a testimonial from clients Jerry and Susan below about a project Hendry Aluminum completed, below.

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Explaining Hendry Aluminum’s 3-D CAD Capabilities

One tool that helps us at Hendry Aluminum to create custom screen enclosures that compliment both your home and your landscaping is our 3-D CAD software. It’s a state-of-the-art computer system called Solidworks. Read below what 3-D CAD is and how it helps us to make strong, attractive screen enclosures.

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