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Food Safety Tips for Labor Day

As the unofficial end of summer, make sure you stay safe cooking and grilling outdoors this Labor Day.

Make sure your party-goers, friends and family members don’t spend their Labor Day recovering from food poisoning from your last get-together! Summer is packed with barbecues, picnics, and cooking in your screen enclosure’s outdoor kitchen, but it can also mean food that’s undercooked, mishandled, or not refrigerated. Any one of those things can lead to food poisoning. Make sure food poisoning is not a guest at your Labor Day party with these tips below.

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The Many Attractions of the MegaView Screen Enclosure

Read about all the features that make the MegaView screen enclosure the best in the industry.

The MegaView screen enclosure is our signature enclosure, and there are many reasons why. Explore all the attractions of this premiere screen enclosure below, complete with photos.

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The Coolest Items to Have in Your Outdoor Kitchen

We’ve discussed the basic items that you must have in your screen enclosure in order to call your outdoor cooking space an “outdoor kitchen.” After you’ve got a cooking source—a stove or grill—a sink, fridge, storage and counter space, it’s time to turn to those appliances and features that will make your outdoor kitchen nothing short of amazing. Consider the below features to make your outdoor kitchen truly drool-worthy.

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Basics of an Outdoor Kitchen in Your Screen Enclosure

Explore the basic requirements of an outdoor kitchen.

Thinking of adding an outdoor kitchen as part of the features of your screen enclosure? Just as a screen enclosure expands the living space of your home, an outdoor kitchen makes that outdoor living space more useful. Having an outdoor kitchen means get-togethers, parties and barbecues don’t have to be divided between the outdoor space of the screen enclosure and the house’s kitchen. Make sure your outdoor kitchen has the bare minimum requirements, and then you can add upgrades and special features as your space and budget permit.

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