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How We Design Our Screen Enclosures

Explore the basics of how we design all of our screen enclosures.

A great deal of design goes into our custom screen enclosures, and you may have questions about how we design our enclosures. Since we don’t construct one-size-fits-all screen enclosures, each of our screen enclosures must be designed individually. See the basic steps of how we at Hendry Aluminum design an enclosure. …

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Meet MegaView Extrusions ®

See what has been building at Hendry Aluminum: MegaView Extrusions ®!

We hit on something pretty amazing with our MegaView screen enclosure designs; everyone loves the perfect combination of form and function. What’s not to love? The beauty of our MegaView screen enclosures are second to none, and they are the strongest around. The MegaView design is so popular that we have created a whole new company—MegaView Extrusions ®—so that this superior product can be available nation-wide! Read details below. …

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Wow Factor: The Two-Story MegaView Screen Enclosure

A two-story MegaView screen enclosure really delivers on the Wow Factor.

Houses come in all shapes and sizes, and Hendry Aluminum specializes in custom screen enclosures, meaning that we construct screen enclosures to fit every house. If a home requires a two-story MegaView screen enclosure, we are more than up to the task. Explore the details of one of our two-story MegaView screen enclosures below!

The Wow Factor of a Two-Story MegaView Screen Enclosure

Our two-story MegaView screen enclosure is nothing short of amazing. Spanning the height of two stories rather than the standard height of just one story, our two-story screen enclosure rises high above the others, creating a focal point that highlights your home.

With a two-story screen enclosure, you can enjoy surrounded second-story decks and balconies free of pests, just like on the ground floor of your screen enclosure. An aluminum spiral staircase—another one of our specialties—can get you from the top floor to the bottom floor in a quick minute, all without leaving the enclosure.

Interested in creating your own Wow Factor with a MegaView screen enclosure that spans two stories? Contact the professionals at Hendry Aluminum today for a free estimate!

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Top Details to Know About our Picture Window Screen Enclosures

See the details that you’ll definitely want know about our Picture Window screen enclosures.

We offer an array of screen enclosures at Hendry Aluminum, and one option is the Picture Window screen enclosures. All of our screen enclosures are constructed to highlight the amazing views around your home, but the Picture Window screen enclosure takes the cake. See the top details about the Picture Window enclosure that you will want to know about.

Important Facts About the Picture Window

1. Picture Window enclosures are one of our more popular options for homes located near golf courses, lakefronts or beachfronts.

2. The large opening installed in the center provides homeowners with a breathtaking view of the landscape or waterfront.

3. Picture Window enclosures can be installed on an existing enclosure or they can be included in the construction of a new enclosure.

4. Picture Window enclosures are designed without cables in the picture window portion of the cage and comply with all local building codes.

5. Picture Window enclosures are designed with high-strength screen material as the MegaView enclosures and can withstand a wide variety of natural and man-made projectiles.

6. Picture Window screen enclosures allow you to maximize your view on a budget.

7. Picture Window enclosures are available in many different styles.

8. Picture Window enclosures come in two main colors – bronze and white.

9. Your roofline, personal taste, and your budget are the primary factors involved in your screen design.

10. A quote for a Picture Window enclosure is always free.

Contact the professionals at Hendry Aluminum for a free quote.

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Top Things to Know About the MegaView Mini Screen Enclosure

Explore the facts about Hendry Aluminum’s MegaView Mini.

At Hendry Aluminum, we have a variety of screen enclosure options for homeowners to choose from. Each screen enclosure has its own special features in addition to those features shared by all of our screen enclosures. Explore the details of MegaView Mini screen enclosure by finding out the top things to know about it below. …

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The Nuts and Bolts of Your Screen Enclosure

Find out all the components of your screen enclosure, and what choices you’ll have to make when deciding on your own screen enclosure.

A screen enclosure is a complete structure made up of several different components, and it constitutes a complete addition to your home.  Explore the components that go into making a screen enclosure, and see what options you have for your own screen enclosure. …

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Our 3-D CAD System Explained

See how our 3-D CAD System helps us to craft custom screen enclosures.


At Hendry Aluminum, we pride ourselves on superior construction and craftsmanship in everything we do. Our customers can see our high level of workmanship, and the products and structures we construct outshine and outlast the competition’s. We can build where others have declined, and can take into consideration complicated building requirements, irregular rooflines, nonstandard lots, and more. One aspect that really helps is our 3-D CAD system. It’s one of our favorite tools! See it explained below. …

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