pool fence

Options for a Pool Fence

Hendry Aluminum can also install a pool fence in addition to, or instead of, a screen enclosure.

Hendry Aluminum doesn’t only install screen enclosures. Many customers prefer a pool fence over a screen enclosure, or even in addition to one. See your options for a pool fence below.

Pool Fence Options

A pool fence is a great option if you don’t want a screen enclosure because of space or expense constraints. A pool fence is also a good option if you want to keep your pool separate from the gathering spaces for safety in your screen enclosure.

Hendry Aluminum installs a variety of pool fences. Usually, height options are determined in part by laws and local ordinances concerning pool fences. See your options below:

  • Mechanical fence. A mechanical fence comes in white or bronze.
  • Welded fence. The color options—and even texture options—are numerous because a welded fence gets its coloring from powder coating. A welded fence can also include more decorative accents. It is also a stronger fence than a mechanical fence.

Contact us at Hendry Aluminum today if you are interested in a pool fence. We offer free estimates!

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The Benefits of a Pool Fence

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